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Writing novels, short stories, poetry, plans, and so much more. Sharing the pleasures of the process as much as the pride of products.


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Self-publishing in a shared community of fellow writers who want to co-operate with, and contribute to the growing trend of independent expression.


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We believe in self-publishers taking control of their own writing destiny and not spending their time waiting endlessly for someone else to give them a green light to create.

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Writing and Self-Publishing

In As Many Words is the brand I've established to represent all my work in creative writing, independent writing, and self publishing. There are many facets to the brand, different projects, and so many ambitions it's hard to capture them in just a few words. The most important values are Creativity, Community & Control.

I've been writing in one way or another for close to twenty years. Originally I was inspired to write plays by one of my excellent Drama teachers at school. He had - and indeed still has - a wonderful sense of humour which frames a lot of his work. However, he also had the tremendous skill of subtly planting in a sincerity into even his funniest, silliest school plays that just left a ringing note at the back of the mind.

I was also inspired by the books and plays I read, again a credit to other fine teachers. Being introduced to the amazing books of Harper Lee, Maya Angelou, Ken Kesey, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, and seeing Shakespeare in a whole new light - all a part of my A-Level studies - really introduced me to a world of fine writing that would stay with me. Clearly, since I can list them all from memory.

When it comes to writing, my fascination to crafting a story which communicates with an audience is central to all my work. Whether that is through publishing my plays, novels, poetry or any other form of writing.

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