To Die For

To Die For

To Die For is an action packed thriller set in Birmingham, where a killer's thirst for blood forces DI Mike Stone to investigate the darkness of humanity itself.

Chasing echoes of cries he'd spent a lifetime trying to silence.

A Killer Telling a Sinister Story

DI Mike Stone investigates an unusual murder. It quickly becomes clear that the killer has only revealed the first brutal chapter.

A Detective fight a dark daemon

The case takes on a disturbing speed as Stone finds his professional and personal worlds colliding, exposing a painful past, and threatening his future.

A connection with a terrifying truth

Who is this case really about? How far must Stone go to uncover the truth? And at what cost


" Punchy, well written thriller"

" A really gripping crime novel... Once I started, I couldn't put it down. " 

" Amazing cliffhangers, mysteries all around and plot twists you couldn't even imagine." 

"This is a gripping story set in Birmingham"

Book Review – To Die For, by Colin Ward: A.A. Abbott

To Die For


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