New Poetry Collection

Ripples Poetry by Colin Ward

Ripples is an exploration of the effect and influence we have on each other–sometimes to build, at other times to break–as we share the world around us. Freedom and fate are woven together like the interplay between waves of our greatest oceans.

FREE taster of opening Chapters

To Die For by Colin Ward

You can now read the opening chapters of the Crime Thriller for FREE as a taster. Find  out what is grabbing the reader's attention from the outset and then holding them for the rest of the book.

TTCW Begins

Two Towers Circle of Writers

The TTCW began in April at the Gunmakers Arms in Birmingham and we're now looking forward to attracting more people to the group and seeing it grow with time. Exploring writing and building skills for self-publishing, the group is brand new and attracting lots of interest.

Current Writing Projects

A New Short Story

I am writing Crime Fiction short story at the moment. It's a stand-alone and will be ebook only, something to keep readers  happy as they wait for "Innocent Lies".

Innocent Lies - DI Stone Book 2

The second book in the DI Stone trilogy/series. The aim is to have this finished by November...I hope.

100 War Poems for 100 Years

My Next collection of poems will be 100 war poems, or poetry inspired by war, soldiers and so on. This marks their 100th year since the end of WW1.

No Smoke - The Play

With some work to do on formatting the script, this will be published an available as the version used int he 2014 development production. Email us if you'd like to know more about the play.

No Smoke - the Novel

Writing an adaptation of of the play into a novel or Novella so people can enjoy the story without needing the production! Email us id you'd like to know more about the play.


Two Towers Circle of Writers

The Writing Circle started last month and hopefully will continue to expand as the months go on. Find out more on our TTCW page.