Independents Day

"Independents Day" is all about celebrating the work of indie authors and self-publishers by showcasing their work in one place, all set up with links directly to their sales channels.

4th July 2018

Stench of Death: a Short Story

A new short story due to be published 4th July. It includes a bonus short story ("Mulch") and the opening chapters of "To Die For".

No Smoke: a Play

The first publication of the play. A challenging drama that received high praised from a BAFTA award winning writer.

Current Writing Projects

Innocent Lies - DI Stone Book 2

The second book in the DI Stone trilogy/series. The aim is to have this finished by November...I hope.

100 War Poems for 100 Years

My Next collection of poems will be 100 war poems, or poetry inspired by war, soldiers and so on. This marks their 100th year since the end of WW1.