Stench of Death - a Short Story


A Short Story

A missing man. The disappearance of a prostitute. A suspicous connection.

When DS Greg Randle is called upon to track down a sex worker as a personal favour, he and DS Martin Shaw stumble across a link with another of their cases. 

Has someone's life come to a violent end? Without a body to prove it, the two detectives must work quickly to establish the facts before more victims suffer the same fate.

"Stench of Death" is a short crime fiction thirller, with a pacey story that bears Colin Ward's trademark plot twists.

Bonus short story - 'Mulch'

The chase is on to catch the killer who plunged a knife into her partner's chest. Following the shadowy figure deep into the murky depths of an abandoned building, how far the furious red mist take her?

The Stench of Death and Mulch short story ebook is only £0.99 from Amazon. Crime with a twist of the grotesque, it was an easy publishing decision to combine the two. 

Stench of Death also includes the opening chapters of To Die For.

Available from Amazon for just £0.99

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