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The TTCW at the Gunmakers Arms

Based at the Gunmakers Arms in Birmingham city centre, the TTCW has been brought together in a partnership of Colin Ward (In As Many Words) and the Two Towers Brewery. There are many  other events and groups who are part of and active and busy schedule at the Gunmakers, which is quickly becoming a real hub for artists and creatives of all forms in Birmingham. 

A group who share a common interest in creating original writing in all forms. Whether it is through short stories and novels, poetry, or scripted work, it is the exploration of the life and meaning behind words and stories that we use for inspiration. Above all, we treat writing as a process with as much to be learnt from the journey as there is from the final product.

We're open to members from all walks of life, regardless of your experience in writing. Please get in touch by sending a request or emailing us directly.  

Contact the TTCW directly by sending us an email.

TTCW Writing Values


Everyone is always chasing that elusive original idea that will launch them into accolade. Sometimes, it is more about how you shape and craft a well known idea that grabs the reader - that is what being truly creative is all about.


Indie writing and self-publishing is growing in strength all the time because more authors, poets, dramatists and writers of all genres are taking control and responsibility for how their work is produced and marketed in addition to enjoying the process of creating it.


Reviews and feedback can only ever get us as far as we are prepared to reflect on our own writing. Ever the perfectionists, writers will tinker and tweak until the sun goes down, but only the truly reflective ones take their work further, higher and beyond even our own expectations.


Considered and structured critique is a highly skilled part of any writer's toolkit, so much more than just offering an opinion. Good critique should always have the objective of building and improving writing. We all need good "critical friends" and it pays dividends to be one, too.


We all reach a point in our lives when we stop learning. It's called death. Before we shuffle off this mortal coil, embracing new ideas, and being willing to take risks, is at the centre of creativity, reflection and critique. Most importantly, good writing is enriched by good research.


Writing has many conventions, structures, and whole raft of so-called "rules." These can help us communicate our ideas. But they never beat the main goal we all share: to express our thoughts and our feelings, and  tell our stories in whatever form they may take.

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