FREE support for Unemployed


Please note that we only provide services on sites, work, or documents for which you own the copyright. No services will be granted to persons breaking copyrights laws, committing plagiarism, or subverting academic rules.

FREE Support for Unemployed

Are you Unemployed and struggling to find work?

Being unemployed is hard work. Firstly, there are the constant worries about how to pay the rent or mortgage, or buy food and essentials for the family. Many job seekers have the Job Centre and DWP constantly breathing down their necks, threatening people with Sanctions, and leave people - including children - without food, heating, clean clothes, and a sense of security. Basic human needs. The damage to self-esteem, and the vicious circle for mental health make "being at your best" to apply for jobs very difficult. Contact us

Why a good CV matters.

Your CV is your shop window. It is your best interview suit. It is your handshake. Your CV could be the first time your potential new employer will "meet" you, and we all know that first impressions count for everything. One spelling mistake, poor grammatical error, or careless typo, and it goes in the bin. Worse still, you will very rarely get any feedback beyond a "thanks, but no thanks" email. Contact us

FREE CVs for Unemployed

Yes. I do mean "free." There are many services out there that will review your CV for free, and then charge you to improve it. If you provide me with enough information about you, your skills and experience, I can help you sell yourself with a great CV. This offer is only open to the unemployed (or those trapped in a zero-hour contract). I will also advise you on writing, or proofread covering letters for job applications. Contact us.

What I'll need from you...

I offer this service in good faith, but to stop others who don't need it from abusing my trust, all I ask is for a scan or photo to show JSA/UC benefits,  work-search evidence, or other proof your are a genuine job seeker. Young people trying to find their first job, who may not have such evidence, are also very welcome to get in touch