No Smoke - a play


No Smoke - a Play

No Smoke is a play about truth, perceptions and lies amidst an uncomfortable relationship between the law, the media and society.

"It's not WHAT you see but HOW you see it that matters."

Detective Sergeant Ellen Cross is forced to revisit a child abuse investigation which failed to result in a conviction years ago. Is the same suspect on the hunt again?

As another local boy appears to become his new prey, the connections to the previous case begin to point towards some darker secrets lurking in the shadows.

Investigating the case off-duty, and against all advice, DS Cross must avoid triggering vigilante action from the boy’s emotionally fragile father as she tries to find justice for a family torn apart by tragedy.


“Brave, brave theatre; strong writing; this is theatre at its most challenging; this is what theatre is all about.”

Geoff Thompson, BAFTA Award winner

Performance rights and licences

No Smoke is available for theatre performance by professional, amateur or education organisations. Please contact the writer for details. 

The play is suitable for students studying drama at GCSE and beyond. Some of the content is challenging, and a trigger warning should be noted. The writer recommends that a note of some adult content is made, although there are no explicit scenes.

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