Ripples: a collection of poetry

Ripples: a collection of poetry

"I’d rather be a thousand ripples,

or even just the one,

than a single drop in a dreary abyss

drowned; forever gone."

Ripples is an exploration of the effect and influence we have on each other–sometimes to build, at other times to break–as we share the world around us. Freedom and fate are woven together like the interplay between waves of our greatest oceans.

“History counts for nothing if it betrays a future,

even with the beauty and miracle of life.”

This collection brings together poems written in a range of styles and forms, including free verse, haiku, and a number of experimental rhythmic and rhyming structures.  


The collection is available on Amazon and will be available for special signed copies on the website from the beginning of March.

Ripples: a collection of poetry


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